The Ah Ring was created for joyful and confident single women. This beautiful piece of jewelry features eleven full cut diamonds totaling . 21 points, set in 14 karat white gold. The A, stands for Available and the h, for happy. The Ah Ring shows the world you're available and happy, it's the diamond ring you buy for yourself when you're single and wear on your pinkie!

Why wait for a man to buy you diamonds? Married and engaged women have their rings, now there's a ring designed especially for single women. Multiply your happiness and wear The Ah Ring stacked on either pinkie. Or wear one on each hand. Engraved Ah. Diamonds are HI SI1 quality.

Even women that are in a relationship love The Ah Ring, so for them it stands for A, attached and h, happy.

The Ah Ring is the perfect gift for yourself to celebrate being single. Makes a great bridesmaids gift, too.

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The Ah Ring
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Many celebrities are fans of The Ah Ring, too.  Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Teri Hatcher, Kirsten Dunst, Joy Bryant, Eve, Tyra Banks, Minnie Driver, Selma Blair, Jessica Biel, Lauren Graham and many more!

Please note: we are currently sold out!