Ruta Fox

Ruta Fox

Divine Diamonds was founded in 2001 by Ruta Fox. A former fashion advertising executive, Fox always loved jewelry and was fascinated with diamonds. Since she was single, she came up with the idea of creating a diamond ring especially for single women to call their own. She thought why wait for a man to buy you diamonds?

It was such a hit with all her single friends that she ended up in business, and got to Oprah through a friend. She figured there were wedding rings and engagement rings, why not a ring designed for single women?

After landing on The O List in O, The Oprah Magazine, The Ah Ring was lauded by Harper's Bazaar, Lucky, In Style, The New York Times and Entrepreneur as well as many other magazines, TV and radio shows, and online sites. 

The Ah Ring which stands for A, available and h, happy is the first and only diamond ring created for single women to buy for themselves. The 14 karat white gold band is adorned with eleven full cut diamonds and is designed to be worn on the pinkie. The ring totals .21 points of diamonds, almost a quarter of a carat and is engraved Ah on the inside. The Ah Ring can also be worn by women in a relationship, too and they are A, attached and h, happy.  Many Hollywood celebrities also love The Ah Ring.


Divine Diamonds also offers other top-quality, well-made pieces that resonate with women seeking meaning from their jewelry. The diamond Snowflake Necklace symbolizes uniqueness, as there are no two snowflakes alike in nature, and no two people are the same. The Tranquility Cross, with deep blue sapphires symbolizes the glorious blue sea and sky, and brings a touch of serenity to all who wear it.

Divine Diamonds manufactures their jewelry in New York City with conflict-free diamonds. All jewelry is exclusively available here and not sold in stores.